Seedless Strawberries…..anyone?

You have heard of seedless melons and apparently there are near seedless tomatoes, and many plants like potatoes don’t even need seeds to continue their line.

My parents used to hate strawberry and fig jam which had seeds in them. The seeds would get under their dentures.

Did I mention strawberries?


Well during December I ended up with seedless strawberries. I didn’t realise I had seedless strawberries at the start but what I noticed were picked green and partly ripe strawberries laying in the inter row areas of my strawberry patch.


The strawberries started to run at the beginning of December so I was pinching off the runners as I saw them during picking each day. I also had cut my finger nails about the same time so I was having a little difficulty pinching off the runners and picking the fruit for a few days so I thought I must have somehow flicked the fruit so they fell off the plants.


So I took extra care and observed what I was doing by looking back behind me and even walking the rows after I finished and noticed it wasn’t any of my activity knocking off the odd strawberry.


A few days later a lot of strawberries were coming off each day. I knew I had a few slaters and slugs but had never seen this type of damage before so I started to check at night time and could hear crickets around too. I spoke to a few fellow gardeners and none could help.


A few more days had passed, then all of a sudden I noticed that the fruit were being gathered into clusters and I noticed when I handled them they were smooth, apparently seedless. A closer examination showed seed hulls on the ground.


Damage was fairly high. I had been picking at peak time 3 litres of fruit per day during October but by December it had dropped back to about 1 litre per day. In mid December after a very favourable fall of rain production rose to 2 litres a day again and on one particular day I picked 1 litre of fruit and retrieved 1 litre of fruit from the ground.


The chooks really loved this period of strawberry eating but unfortunately no strawberry flavoured eggs.


I solved it then, MICE!!!! There had been a few around. I reset my bait stations and within a few days I could smell the offenders. It has taken at least another fortnight to get the last of them.

One thought on “Seedless Strawberries…..anyone?

  1. Mice eating seeds from strawberries is first time for me too.
    I usually have mice start to invade my compost bin, usually about Easter time.
    Takes a while to get the lot. Only once I noticed it early enough to catch just two of them. Most years it is 6 to 10 as they breed so fast.

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